Aloe Vera useful herbs.

  Aloe Vera is a plant that is classified as a biennial plant, green. It has a jointed stem, single leaves, long thick leaves and large bases, pointed ends, and thorns are separated from each other. layered Inside the leaves is a light green transparent jelly. sticky mucus Able to bloom reddish-yellow at the end of the shoot. Native to the Mediterranean coast and southern Africa. Can be easily grown in sandy soil. or in a pot is a water-loving plant But there must be a good drainage channel. Prevent too much water to cause root rot.  

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera properties

Aloe vera is classified as a plant that has many properties that can be used to relieve diseases both outside and inside the body. It can also be used to nourish the skin as well.

*External benefits.

 1. Treat burns and scalds. 

By peeling Bring fresh agar inside the leaves to wash the rubber out thoroughly. Then apply it to the wound for the first 2 days to help relieve the burning pain. heal wounds faster And does not leave traces of scars as well.

2. Prevent and relieve burns from the sun.

Fresh leaves of aloe vera mixed with lotion and applied to the skin before sun exposure. will help prevent sunlight But if burns occur on the skin after being exposed to the sun. Use UFABET washed agar to apply to reduce inflammation. If so, try mixing it with vegetable oil. or olive oil To reduce the symptoms of dry skin too tight.

3. Relieve burns from the patient’s radiation. 

Using the method of applying washed aloe vera gel to compress the burns from chemotherapy It will help relieve the burning pain. And make recovery faster.

4. Heal wounds from sharp objects and abrasions. 

If injured by sharp objects Use agar from aloe vera that still has mucus, paste it on the wound, it will increase the efficiency of wound healing faster

5Clean and dry the affected area and apply agar agar to the wound. 

If it is the anus, peel the agar into sticks and wash thoroughly. Refrigerate to harden. To insert the suppository in the rectum 1-2 times a day, hemorrhoid symptoms will improve.

6. Treatment of bunion and Hong Kong feet.

Remove the agar meat that has been cleaned. to paste into the diseased area Keep changing the agar meat often, if it is the dry part of the fish eye, a dimple will occur. Keep using the aloe vera compress until the dent heals and shrinks. For Hong Kong feet, apply an aloe vera compress until the wound has dried up and symptoms have improved.

7. Relieve headache.

 Cut fresh leaves from the aloe plant. Then apply red lime to the agar area. Hold fresh leaves and apply agar mixed with red lime to the temples or occipital area at the pain points to help relieve headaches.

8. Relieve toothaches. 

Cut the pulp of aloe vera into small sticks, about 2-3 centimeters, and place them in between the affected teeth. Or you can compress it. It takes about 30 minutes for the pain to subside.

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