How much coffee contains acrylamide. 

A study in Poland found that 160 cc (about 1 cup) of roast coffee or fresh coffee contains 0.15-1 micrograms of acrylamide. Indication that if a person weighs 40 kg. They are at risk of becoming cancer from coffee. Must be expose to acrylamide in excess of 40×2.6 = 104 micrograms.

The body should receive no more than 2.6 micrograms of acrylamide per kg of body weight. Taking more than this limit increases the risk of cancer.

One cup of coffee contains 0.15-1 micrograms of acrylamide. Meaning a 40 kg person needs to consume more than 104 cups of coffee to be at risk of cancer. show that. The UFABET normal amount of coffee There is no risk of cancer in any way.

On the contrary coffee contains antioxidants that. Help prevent cancer and arteriosclerosis. Studies have shown that people who consume two or more cups of black coffee. Have a lower incidence of cancer than the general population.

But drinking coffee is beneficial to drink only black coffee. Drinking coffee with a lot of cream or sugar should be careful of obesity, hyperlipidemia and high sugar from added sugar, cream, or creamer.

The dangers of drinking coffee.

Although the amount of acrylamide in coffee is not high enough to cause cancer. But the dangers of caffeine from coffee can be harmful to some people who drink it. Such as causing a faster pulse , slightly higher blood pressure . Therefore not suitable for people with heart disease, arrhythmia and high blood pressure. Patients whose disease is not well control. Including coffee is moderately acidic. thus causing irritation to the stomach therefore not suitable for acid reflux patients. Because it will stimulate the disease to have more severe symptoms. The recommendation is that it should be taken in the morning half of the day. or try not to exceed 4:00 p.m.

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