How many types of glasses are there?

How many types of glasses are there? Wearing eyeglasses or eyeglasses is an easy and convenient way to help people with low vision return to see more clearly. With today’s technology. There are many different types of eyeglass lenses available. So people with impaired vision should learn more about eyeglasses. Different types of lenses, benefit from glasses Including taking care of your glasses before making a purchase .

How many types of glasses are there?

How many types of glasses are there?  

Glasses have two types of lenses:

  • Single lens (Single Vision) lens is used to solve any long term vision.
  • Four multi-lens collection (Multifocal) is a lens that allows users to see multiple stages. Both near and far away The top lens will help to see the distance more clearly. And the lens below will help to look at close objects such as reading a book. Or sewing

Four multi-lens eyewear collection is used to adjust the sight of people with presbyopia by age discernible objects near the focus. It is divided into several types of lenses with different properties as follows.   

  • Double lens (Bifocals) consists of parts that can be seen in the near term. Which is at the bottom of the lens And parts that can be viewed from a distance Which is on top of the lens.There is also a special type of bifocal lens with a top joint. For those who need to look at objects at close or medium distances at a higher angle too.
  • Three-layer lens (Trifocals) is a three-stage lens in the lens is long-term and near-term.
  • Progressive lenses ( Progressive the) features a two-layer optical lenses and three floors. But users can see objects from a distance to a close distance seamlessly. The focal point of this lens is quite small. This is because most of the lens area is used to connect the field of view. But progressive lenses can cause eye discomfort. 

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