Why are you sleepy during the day?

Why are you sleepy during the day? Have you ever wondered why we tend to sleep during the day? At night, he had a lethargy. It’s hard to sleep like that. Which many of these symptoms are common. But still cannot find a conclusion I do not know what cause exactly. Today we are going to clarify. The reasons that make you sleepy during the day that are caused by what factors. For you to modify the new behavior of the cycle of sleep day and night to be more balanced.

1.Drink coffee before bed

The most common reason for sleepy people during the day is That you tend to compress caffeine from tea, ufabet coffee or other beverages Before going to bed regularly. Make during the night the body should rest and sleep well. Became the time when your brightest eyes Causing you not getting enough rest. Therefore accumulated drowsiness during the day Resulting in physical exhaustion Not bright after waking up And tend to become more sleepy in the afternoon So if you are experiencing this problem from the effects of caffeine. Try to change to drink coffee in the morning instead is better.

2. Eat food that tastes too sweet.

During the day The foods you eat may be overly sweet, such as cakes and bakeries that contain sugar. As well as beverages such as soft drinks, soft drinks, candy, etc.

Which sugar in these foods Are all great factors that make you drowsy up to be persistent. During the day The effect of sugar is similar to that of caffeine. That you always feel refreshed Rejuvenated after eating the first few.

But after that, when the amount of sugar that gets into the body decreases Will easily cause fatigue If you eat regularly In addition to making you sleepy often Also cause obesity as well.

3. Play a heavy phone before bedtime.

Called a popular problem for many people. With the habit of playing mobile phones before going to bed Including watching movies, listening to music, playing games, typing, chatting Which until he realized that it was already late at night.

Causing the body to not get enough rest As a result, when waking up in the morning, it will cause symptoms, fatigue, not refreshed. Solution is, you should set a time to sleep regularly.

When it’s time to sleep, don’t pick up your mobile phone to play. Making it a habit will make the quality of your sleep more efficient.

4. Do not exercise

Exercise is a great helper in optimizing your life clock. If anyone who doesn’t exercise at all, they’ll feel that The body is weakened, easily irritated, and feels less energetic.

Leave it for a long time, it will cause various systems. In the body to vary as well Therefore, in order for you to go to bed at night fully awake. In the morning I wake up feeling energetic, fresh, not sleepy.

It should exercise at least 30 minutes a day before going to bed or early in the morning. This will help the body to adapt even more.

5. Nervous system disorders

Another possible reason for the body is constantly feeling tired or drowsy during the day. Is a disorder of the nervous system That are variables causing the mechanism of controlling the body to malfunction.

It may be due to one time you had a brain accident. Or have had a stroke before Which clinically will call this effect that the disease is very unusual sleepiness.

6. Can’t wake up

Waking up is not the time It is another reason that makes you feel sleepy during the day. Many people believe that if we wake up as late as it will make the day, the whole day does not cause drowsiness.

But it is actually a belief that is not very correct. Because the more you sleep later than the appropriate time Will make the body crave more sleep Therefore it is not strange that most people wake up late Arriving at school or office and then drowsy all day.

7. Effects of some drugs

Certain medications, such as antihistamines and mucus-reducing drugs, tend to make the body feel sleepy. Therefore, when taking a loud drug Said during the day The body should be rested as well to comply with the use of this drug.

However, those driving a car should avoid eating. Or you can seek advice from your doctor to adjust the drug to make it less sleepy

8. Eat too much carbohydrates.

Starchy foods It is an important factor that makes you sleepy in the afternoon as well, because this type of food is considered a fast-acting carbohydrate when eaten, it causes the pancreas to release insulin.Raises blood sugar Resulting in drowsiness after eating Therefore, choosing the right meals during the day Therefore can help solve the problem of drowsiness during the day.

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