Drinking water slows down aging?

Water has been known as an elixir since ancient times. Doctors recommend drinking water at least 8 glasses of clean water a day. Water acts to remove toxins and waste from the body. Deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells keeps all tissues and organs moist helps regulate body temperature. It can be seen on the skin and face of people who drink enough water every day. The skin will be water and radiant. On the contrary, those whose body is dehydrate. 

The surface of the body skin is wrinkle and dry. Importantly, some people will have sensitive skin as well. A healthy adult body is approximately 60% water. The amount of water in the body is reduce to about 45%. This decrease in the amount of water in the body can lead to health problems. Nowadays, everyone is aware of health care and is afraid of aging. Wherever you go UFABET You will find a new generation of people carrying water bottles with them everywhere, especially foreigners. Until it’s called Aquaholic, it means addict to drinking water.

every cell in the body Contains 55-78% water, depending on age, sex and how big the shape is. Every cell needs food, fat, protein, and most importantly, it needs water. If the body is dehydrate, the cells become dry, thirsty, dry skin, dry mouth, wrinkle skin, etc.

What kind of drinking water is best for health and anti-aging?

  1. Distilled water is obtained by distillation. The water will be very clean and pure, all residues, minerals and impurities will be remove. Drinking this water is unhealthy as all the beneficial minerals are eliminated.
  2. tap water from the faucet It’s not good enough for the body because it contains chlorine and fluoride.
  3. high mountain water which we tend to understand is good because of nature. There are research reports. that the amount of oxygen in the water is low because it comes from high places. therefore giving little benefit to the body
  4. Mineral water , which is becoming very popular because different types of minerals are added to drinking water to increase health benefits such as calcium, magnesium, salt, sulfur, etc. One group of researchers believes that mineral water or electrolyte water slide which is similar to a drink for athletes It is useful to help slow down the aging of our people. Not only makes your skin bright. But also makes it harder for diseases to come to us. This is to prolong life in the world for a longer time.

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