What are the benefits of whey protein for women?

Whey protein is a type of protein extracted from milk in powder form. It is considered a highly nutritious protein. It is quite high in essential amino acids. Especially leucine, valine and isoleucine necessary to build muscle and metabolize protein. There are various vitamins in itself. Including folic acid and biotin as well.

 For girls who want to know how useful whey protein is. 

Let’s take a look here.

Rich in many important nutrients. Including protein, vitamins, branched-chain amino acids (Branch Chain Amino Acids: BCAAs). Which are essential amino acids that the body can’t live without. It also contains antioxidants. 

It is a protein that the small intestine can absorb quickly. Without having to rely on enzymes from the pancreas to digest first UFABET

Help strengthen muscles for people who exercise and prevent age-related muscle loss. 

Improves exercise performance make the body fully repaired and restored.

Contribute to weight loss Because after eating and feeling full. And when eaten together with exercise. It will increase the body’s metabolic rate (metabolic rate) and stimulate the use of energy to burn more protein nutrients.

Contributes to regulating hormones related to hunger. Resulting in reducing appetite

Contributes to balancing blood pressure and blood fat levels to return to normal.

I have to be honest that eating whey protein alone doesn’t help me lose weight. Because the main properties of whey protein is to help build muscle mass. Which will be effective in this field is quite good for people who exercise regularly. Also, keep in mind that whey protein contains carbs and fat residues. So if you only eat whey protein without exercising at all. The excess will accumulate in the body, accidentally gaining additional weight separately.

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