10 reasons why you should drink greentea every day

GreenTea  is a drink that is considered to be very beneficial for the body. Because it contributes to the maintenance of many health aspects.

It is also a popular menu for women. Who are currently in the process of losing weight And with the properties that it has, it makes greentea a drink that is suitable for drinking on a daily basis. To maintain a more healthy body.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to drink GreenTea every day.

1. Lower cholesterol levels

Reasons why greentea is suitable for drinking during weight loss. Because greentea contains catechins That help destroy cholesterol And eliminating the amount of bad cholesterol in the intestines.

This will help the blood sugar level to return to the normal amount. And in addition to being suitable for people who are losing weight. Or lose weight Green tea is also good for the health of people with cardiovascular disease. Including diabetes as well.

2. Reduce inflammation

Another benefit that many people may not know about green tea is. It can help reduce various inflammation symptoms, especially those that are difficult to heal, burns, or skin that has blisters.

This is because drinking green tea on a regular basis helps the wound heal in a quick time.

3. Reduce the occurrence of bad breath and prevent tooth decay.

Drinking tea on a daily basis. Still good for oral health With properties that can help keep the breath fresh Therefore can help reduce the occurrence of bad breath. Or an unpleasant smell from eating And also prevent infection within the oral cavity as well.

Green tea can also be used to prevent tooth decay by gargling regularly to kill viruses and bacteria.

4. Slow down aging and keep youthful

Green tea contains antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin. If you drink regularly It will make your skin healthier. Free from various wrinkles Help to slow down the aging process and keep youthful for longer.

By the effectiveness of green tea skin care It contains 100 times more vitamin C and 25 times more than vitamin E.

5. Greentea is good for weight control.

For people who are losing weight or losing weight Drinking green tea regularly. It is considered a good aid in helping to lose weight continuously. Making it easy to get the shape that fit and firm you want Because green tea helps stimulate the metabolism to work more efficiently.

So no matter what you eat The body will then burn out properly. But there are restrictions, even if you only need to drink low-calorie green tea.

6. Prevent rheumatoid arthritis

Green tea has properties that help prevent rheumatoid arthritis. That often occurs with middle-aged women If eaten regularly, it will help arthritis in various areas. Back to work more fully. Joint pain Will become thin and fade away.

7. drinking greentea can reduce the risk of cancer.

The advantage of eating green tea every day is that Can help stop the occurrence of various types of cancer because green tea contains antioxidants within the body.

Therefore, drinking this type of tea regularly reduces the risk of the formation of cancer cells. Including other pathogens That may be causing various diseases that follow.

8. Helps flush toxins from the body.

Residue of toxins in the liver and intestines, if accumulated over a long time, can have a negative impact on health. Therefore, eating green tea to detoxify it is essential.

Even if you drink green tea on a daily basis, it will help restore organs. To be able to work more efficiently.

9. drinking greentea increase immunity to the body.

For those who have a cold easily Or get sick regularly. Try turning to drinking green tea every day. Will find that the body will be stronger Because green tea helps to strengthen the immune system of the body.

With properties of the polyphenols contained in tea leaves. Therefore able to resist both bacteria and viruses.

10. Stimulate the circulatory system to work better.

Greentea contains EGCG substances that help reduce blood clotting. The blood is not too thick. Because when the blood and blood vessels clot until thick It will make the blood pumping from the heart more difficult. Therefore, drinking green tea makes the blood circulate better.

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