Popular fruits, as high in calories as 1 plate of rice!

“You can have a good figure because you eat fruits and vegetables.” We don’t argue about this. because to lose weight I have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat less flour and sugar. But it’s not that the fruit that you eat will not have any sugar. Some fruits are high in sugar. If you eat a lot, you will get as much energy as 1 plate of rice food. What fruits should people who are on a diet should stay away from? Let’s see .

1. Durian

We put durian floating in first place, only 2 large lobes provide 323 kilocalories, which is equal to 1 full plate of jasmine rice. Enjoy when you eat. It’s like eating rice for another meal. Plus the nutrients are not complete.

2. passion fruit

The taste of sweet and sour is intense like this. The calories are so high that it’s shocking. because delicious passion fruit especially the part of the seed Provides up to 294 kilocalories of energy. If you eat 2-3 balls, it’s equal to 1 plate of rice. UFABET

3. Sweet Tamarind

Bought by the kilogram Sit and eat and talk. Spray the pellets out into bags. But if accidentally eating too much, just 1 match of sweet tamarind is equal to 333 kilocalories. equal to a plate of rice even though tamarind helps with excretion But the sugar didn’t go out either. fully in our body

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