Level of stress.

In a society full of conflicts Life problems that we have to face. Including work, family, finances, love, etc., make us stress easily. And tends to occur at younger and younger ages not just adults or working age anymore.

Divided into four levels:

  1. Low levels  can occur in everyday life. Does not have a serious effect on life just feel bored lack of motivation. Including affecting behavior, slowing down.
  2. Moderate Stress is caused by abnormal events from daily life. harmless and does not show a clear expression of stress. Most will be able to adjust back to normal. You can relieve stress by doing your favorite activities.
  3. High level  caused by a violent event. If unable to adjust. Will cause physical changes, emotions, thoughts. Including behavior such as headaches, stomach pains, mood swings, easily irritated. Sleep and eating behaviors change until it affects the way of life.
  4. The level of severe and chronic (Severe Stress) causes failure to adapt. Causing severe disorders and diseases. Including mental symptoms affecting daily life. Therefore, you should consult with a psychiatrist. UFABET

From the current situation, both PM 2.5 dust pollution problems. Including the spread of the COVID -19 virus ( COVID -19). Can cause us to experience moderate-to-high stress. It depends on each person’s mental state.

How to manage stress?

Start by exploring yourself first and then try to analyze the cause. to find a way to manage it appropriately 

  1. Talk to people we trust to hear. or maybe find a fun activity. Do it to relieve, such as watching movies or listening to music.
  2. Practice meditation to calm your mind. 
  3. If the stress is severe, see a medical professional or psychologist for treatment. 

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