Check out the 5 symptoms of Omicron.

          Omicron is Greek or some read omicron in English. The new strain of COVID-19, scientific name B.1.1.529, was first identified in Africa on November 24, 2021. Before the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the Omicron strain in The Variants of Concern is fifth in the list after alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. 


          The virus was found to have mutations in up to 50 genes. Including 32 mutations in proteins on viral spines. And mutations in the receptor binding domain. That the virus binds to on human cells up to 10 locations more than any other species. 

          In addition to its potential for rapid outbreaks. What scientists have also expressed concern is Abnormally high mutation efficiency. Making it possible to spread more infections and may evade immunity as well.

What’s the difference between covid omicron vs delta?

          From the data of covid patients infected with the Omicron strain found that most of them had flu-like symptoms. And some people may not have symptoms. or have few symptoms such as feeling tired, tired, no loss of taste or smell And most of the symptoms improved within 2-3 days.

          However, doctors from England also found that patients with the Omicron strain will have 5 new symptoms that can be observed:

  • sore throat 
  • mild muscle pain 
  • very tired 
  • dry cough 
  • profuse sweating at night and may cause clothes to be soaked in sweat that need to change clothes Even if sleeping in an air-conditioned room

          When comparing the symptoms of the Omikron strain with the Delta strain that is currently the main epidemic. You can see that they are not much different. Because patients with Delta strains tend to have symptoms similar to those of the common cold. and seldom encounters the same loss of taste.

          Therefore, night sweats may need to be observed additionally. To distinguish whether infected with Omicron covids or not But to be sure, the doctor will send a test to confirm the species. according to report by ufabet

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