Know the “cause of hair loss” with solutions at the root!

Did you know that the fact that human hair is lost every day without most people feeling it? Know the “cause of hair loss” with solutions at the root! The reason is because the number of hair loss is so small that it is not noticed. But the danger signals really start when our hair starts to fall more than 30 strands a day. Why is that? Let’s understand ‘Cause of hair loss’ so that our hair will stay with us for a long time.

Get to know your hair to understand the cause of hair loss.

Human hair is divided into two parts: root (the part underneath the head) and the hair (the part that grows above the scalp), within the hair contains proteins and keratin. Which keratin acts to prevent the absorption of various substances, reducing the harm from sunlight As well as being the main nutrient of the hair

While hair is important, when it comes to hair loss, it is the “root” that decides how long our hair stays with you. The
root of the hair, or the hair that is embedded under the head, has a button. 1 point tip acts like a food pipe Grow your hair But if the button at the end of the pointed is dead I will run out of food and eventually fall out.

Causes of hair loss

The causes of hair loss can be divided into two main factors: Internal factors Which is a factor that cannot be controlled Later is the external factor Caused by the surrounding environment Until the action on the hair each day Which external factors can take care of to reduce the cause of hair loss.

Factors within the body that cause hair loss

Internal factors are the cause of hair loss caused by disorders within the body. Uncontrollable It makes it difficult to correct the problem of hair loss from this factor. The factors in the body that contribute to hair loss are as follows.

Heredity is a factor that causes hair loss. Which is mainly found in males Males are sensitive to the androgen hormones, making the hair shorter than normal. The symptoms of hereditary hair loss gradually develop from the age of 18 years and the amount of hair loss increases with age changes.

Abnormal hormones

Hormones are an important part of the hair system. Especially hair growth From transporting food to stimulating the hair For hormones that are part of the cause of hair loss, there are two main types:

1. dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a part of testosterone. (Testosterone) function of this hormone is to stimulate fat. It prevents the skin from drying out and when DHT is on the hair it helps to make the hair shiny. But if someone’s DHT hormone binds to cells too much Will speed up the life cycle of the hair Hair grows faster but the hair grows smaller and smaller. Until finally, the condition of hair loss finally occurs

2. Thyroid stimulating hormone
Thyroid hormone is a hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Acts to control and stimulate the functions of the body systems From temperature control to the body’s metabolic system In the part of the hair Thyroid hormones control the fat. If there is too much fat, the scalp becomes oily. Cause blockage of fat I fell apart. But if too little fat The scalp lacks moisture. Because there is no fat to nourish Makes dry hair fall out This is why if the thyroid hormones work too much or too little, the hair will be affected as well.

The stress does not directly affect the hair loss. But is part of the disease related to hair loss, such as Hair loss all over the head (Telogen Effluvium), which stress is responsible for the faster hair life cycle and faster hair loss, later is trichotillomania.Stress causes some people to express themselves in pulling hair and causing hair loss. Finally, Alopecia areata is patchy hair loss. For this disease, stress has.

Part of the immune system to malfunction And results in smaller pores Until unable to produce hair Thus resulting in hair loss in the end.

External factors that cause hair loss

For hair loss caused by external factors, it is the daily lifestyle that most people unknowingly injure their hair. From taking a shower to eating Which can be divided into 2 parts that cause hair loss as follows.

Hair loss from direct damage to hair

  • Perm, straightening, coloring, straightening, blow drying on a regular basis. By these behaviors is to add heat to the hair. And the heat will make the keratin in the hair disappear. Which keratin contributes to moisture when keratin disappears Hair will dry and split ends.
  • Washing your hair with warm water. The warm water will help eliminate oil in the scalp. Makes the scalp dry. Which is good for people with oily scalp But do not forget that the hair needs it to grow. Therefore, washing your hair with warm water frequently. Will reduce the strength of the hair Makes hair easily dry and fall off.
  • Combing your hair while your hair is wet While wet hair becomes more delicate than usual The comb or use a towel to check hard. Will result in sensitive hair At that moment, it easily falls off.

Hair loss from indirect hair damage

  • Wrong weight loss For losing weight by dieting May result in your lack of essential nutrients for your hair such as protein, iron, zinc (Zinc), which is one of the nutrients in your hair. If these minerals are lacking, chances are that your hair is weak. Can happen as well
  • Eating spicy food By eating foods that taste too much, such as too salty, too sour. Inevitably adversely affects the health of the body, including the health of the hair. By eating delicious food resulting in Increased blood pressure Shrink blood vessels Causing the blood to not be able to grow hair roots The hair is not strong because there is no food.
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking, these behaviors will lead to arteriosclerosis. Making the blood unable to feed the organs Fully Including the hair as well and when the hair roots do not have food. Pores are not strong. Therefore the hair will eventually fall off.

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