How to cure problem of snoring

Before the terrible disease You should quickly fix the problem of snoring before it is too late, with 5 snoring remedies that will easily improve your sleep health:

1. Adjust the position

Who knew that just changing your sleeping position could help with snoring without having to rely on medication. Because most people with sleep problems tend to start with simple things. Like sleeping in the wrong position Make you feel uncomfortable Resulting in sleepwalking or nightmares

If you have a major snoring problem, you may want to examine your sleeping posture to see if it is the supine position that often causes the base of the tongue and the soft palate to block the airways and cause snoring sounds.

After that, try changing a new position. The sleeping position that will best help cure snoring at the initial stage will be the lying position. With a slight bend of the elbow. So that one hand holds the chin to cover the mouth

But if you are not good at sleeping on your side, you can use a small technique to help you by putting a cloth or tennis ball in your pajamas. To force sleep in a side position all the time. This will help you transition from a normal supine position to a side position that easily reduces snoring and sleep apnea.

2. Provide an atmosphere that is ready for sleeping.

Adjusting the sleeping position alone may not be enough. This second snoring remedy will provide you with a more comfortable and deep sleep by providing the atmosphere and the place to be as comfortable as possible.

Starting from adjusting the pillow to fit your head, just need a pillow to support your head about 4 inches higher to help reduce swelling of tissues in the upper respiratory tract, making breathing easier.

Including cleaning the bed By always washing pillowcases, blankets and bed linen always. In order to prevent dust mites from accumulating, causing allergy symptoms that affect the respiratory system, eventually becoming a common cause of snoring as well.

3. Health care

As the weight increases, the neck thickens, resulting in fat that builds up in the neck, chest, and abdomen, which squeezes the airways, causing snoring. Therefore, losing weight is the most necessary way to remedy the symptoms. This must be done in conjunction with the diet. Exercise and other health care That are correct in the following topics

The principle of proper diet for snoring patients must start by stopping about 3 hours before bedtime and abstaining from drinking alcohol. Because it will make the neck muscles sagging than usual And it is one of the reasons for having a body mass index (BMI) exceeding the standard as well.

Besides being a way to help you lose weight and keep your body looking beautiful and slim. Exercise can also help reduce snoring because the muscles that hold the airways are stronger. This makes the tissues inside our mouths not sagging and obstructing the airways.

Because cigarettes contain substances that cause lung cancer and cause nasal congestion. Including shortness of breath Therefore, anyone who has symptoms of snoring and wants to be cured, it should be a habit to refrain from smoking before bedtime.

  • Lose weight
  • Control your food at night
  • Keep exercising
  • No smoking

4. Find technology to help cure snoring.

For anyone who is impatient, would like to find help in solving the snoring problem. At present there are various innovations. That can help alleviate snoring from adjusting the weather Adjust the way of breathing And some tools can even help modify sleep habits that are bad for your body.

For example, turning on a humidifier in order to solve the problem of dry air that causes narrowing of the airways. Using the nose patch or nostril while sleeping It increases the respiratory area in the nose. Makes breathing easier, etc.

5. See a professional doctor.

But if you have dangerous snoring symptoms such as sleep apnea with It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention. To obtain advice on the cause of the snoring that really Then come from other diseases Or is it because of the behavior that you do in your daily life?

Which, if caused by a congenital disease or disease caused by behavioral work Diseases in the office syndrome It is wise to immediately treat the symptoms of these diseases first. To prevent the spread of the disease And is an indirect treatment for snoring as well.

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