What is Plant based meat?

What is plant based meat? When the world entered the age, food was scarce. As a result, most manufacturers start to think of ways to make food sufficient for the world population. Along with reducing the food production process that is harmful to the environment, from the raising of the production to the transport step. Until becoming a global food trend like Plant based meat

A meat replacement aid that provides complete nutrition and at the same time Also get the same delicious meat taste as real meat That we ate as well.

Synthetic meat (Plant based meat) is a plant that has been made into a meat-eater, which was actually the smell, taste and appearance are all virtual. Which is the introduction of the composition of various substances And hemoglobin found in both plant and animal blood

It contains iron as a component of hemoglobin. Along with protein from grains, protein from different plants. And protein from natural extracts

It also contains cellulose, yeast extract, salt, vegetable glycerin, acetic acid and a variety of extracts that can replace nutrients. Inside the meat completely Ready to make out like most meat.

The North Stafford became Plant based meat to bring a meat-like in all respects. 

Most importantly, it is not made just like pork and beef. But the formula is being developed into fish meat that can provide the nutrients of the fish as well.

Even bacon and steak meat can be made as delicious as the real food. Plant based meat ingredients are 95% plant-based and 5% non-plant ingredients.

Therefore, it is considered a virtual meat that does not contain any kind of meat, thus becoming a modern food that is being developed to become the staple of the world in the future. 

The benefits of Plant based meat

Plant based meat can replace meat products. But it’s still in the process of being developed to make it so realistic that it’s hard to distinguish.

It is predicted that when it comes out perfectly, 100 percent is full. This type of meat will be very successful in the food industry of the future. If you choose to buy from a manufacturer that can do it well You will feel the taste of meat that is almost indistinguishable. 

As a result, some restaurants have begun to adopt plant based meat, becoming a futuristic dish that diners hardly know – plant-based meat.

One of the trials for big brands looking to invest in Plant based food is to make beef burgers, and when the order is to eat, they don’t realize that the meat is not real beef, but entirely plant-based.

So let’s see if the benefits of this meat apart from its similarity in shape, taste and smell can be compared to real meat or not.

1. Provide complete nutrition

Plant based meat contains nutrients that are quite complete and similar to real meat. It contains both protein and fat from natural oils, cellulose, sodium and various nutrients. Including hemoglobin, which is the same as all meats

It is made up of 95 percent of plants with the rest being natural ingredients. This makes it a nutrient that is comparable to meat and is a nutrient that can be found in dairy products, eggs and grains. Which provides benefits for eating by both people with normal health and those with health problems or diseases Excellently

2. Maintain health

The information on plant based meat that has been raised in the presentation of this meat to the world food market is that it is safe to eat meat.

Because it provides complete nutrition and is most similar to meat. But what is better than eating real meat is low cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time, nutrients are completely available.

When eaten, it does not cause any health problems or disease. Allowing meat addicted to eat beef, pork, sausage, ground beef, bacon, or even steak with no worries because Plant based meat comes in both appearance and flavor. With the same texture as all real meat 

3. plant based meat maintain the environment

Plant based meat is made from plants and components of natural extracts. Will not affect the environment problem Because when there is no livestock or animal husbandry

Including the production process that interferes with nature Ready to be transformed into an area of ​​organic farming and more general agriculture. Will greatly help the environment to return to fertility again quickly

Although some manufacturers may produce plant based meat with just 47% plant-based meat, or even as high as 99%. 

But it is believed that these percentages will indicate changes that will prevent the environment from being overly destroyed. This is because meat production from plants has a much lower rate of resource and energy consumption than normal meat.

It also reduces the problem of global warming because of the amount of greenhouse gases that come from food production. With 58 percent less meat ingredients ever, it is considered an alternative meat that will make people more in harmony with nature.

4. plant based meat can make delicious food

One of the prominences that plant based meat has attracted the attention of food businesses around the world is that it is produced in the same way as real meat, so that people who eat it themselves cannot distinguish them.

Thus making it possible to make a variety of food Not limited to only Burger or ground beef But it can also be eaten as processed meats like ham, bacon and sausage. With flavoring food And is the ingredient of the Fast Food line that gives the same delicious taste without any distortion

5.Eat well for all ages

Plant based meat can be eaten of all genders and ages because it is the same as normal meats. Provide similar nutritional value Only in childhood and adolescence may need to be added as milk. Including vegetables and fruits

In order to get a more complete range of nutrients For school age and adolescents, eating this type of meat will help your body grow as well. 

And most importantly, it does not cause childhood obesity problems. No accumulation of waste fat Thus improving health and growing perfectly.

6. Eat safe

Eating plant based meat is very safe. Because normal meat often has a problem of toxic, illegal, or substandard meat. Or even various diseases That comes with meat.

There is also a matter of fat that actually penetrates the meat and may cause serious disease for those who eat it. But Plant based Meat is made from plants and a blend of well-researched natural extracts, and these plants are safely raised.

Most plant based meat producers choose to use organic vegetables. Non-toxic that can provide safety in terms of health and provide complete nutrition as well.

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