Effects of staying up late

Effects of staying up late that you should know For good health and long life

Effects of staying up late , Getting enough sleep is important for people’s mental and physical health. However, there are times when many people have to stay up late for homework, work, or other reasons, all of which are detrimental to our long-term health. And what are the effects of staying up late? Let’s see.

  1. risk of high blood sugar and heart disease

The negative effects of staying up late can lead to health problems such as high blood sugar. And it’s often associated with other health conditions, from fatigue and headaches. to more serious conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and kidney damage. One of the effects of staying up late is the effect on heart disease. Because when our sleep schedule changes every hour, it increases our risk of heart disease by 11 percent.

  1. leading to bad eating habits

Have you ever noticed yourself that We tend to get hungry late at night when it should be bedtime. That’s because when we sleep late, we unconsciously eat more. And when it is often unhealthy for the body as well. Because we will start to want more heavy meals with both starch and fat that are often useless. When we eat late at night and go to bed, besides the metabolic process will not work to its fullest. This can result in acid reflux. and lead to poor health, including obesity.

  1. Affects the brain and memory system

If we don’t sleep, sleep deprivation, or stay up late, our brains won’t have a chance to gather information. and resulting in inefficient work because the brain is too tired and tired We need to get enough sleep so that our short-term memory is converted to long-term memory. and to make the brain clear and able to think and work better

  1. can make you sick

Staying up late may result in the body getting less or insufficient rest. and did not have time to repair itself. And the effect of staying up late can make us sick easily. Because sleep can help with symptoms. Sleep affects the immune system. If we start to get sick and can’t sleep well We may become more ill without giving our bodies enough time to fight that illness or infection.

  1. Affects the amount of sleep received at night.

For good health, we should get 8 hours of sleep per day. But we tend to sleep less if we sleep very late. or when not sleeping well or not getting enough sleep Of course, the negative effect of staying up late is affecting the health of the body. Sleep deprivation can slow down reflexes. If the next morning you have to drive to work, it will definitely not be a good result. It also affects your feelings of stress as well, so if you can’t go to bed early. But at the very least, give yourself enough time to get a good night’s sleep.

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