The dangers of eating sugar

Side effects of eating too much sugar

Because the body still needs to get nutrients Completely in sufficient quantities. For example, sugar is the same. Many people who lose weight may avoid sugar altogether. By knowing whether the body lacking sugar will result in low blood sugar.
Which in the general public is the same But in case of eating too much sugar. What harm will happen to the body? Let’s go and see.

1. Fat accumulates in different parts of the body

Eating a lot of sugar It is the main cause of fat deposits in different parts of the body, as many of the sugars we eat tend to accumulate in the liver as glycogen. But when they are in excess, they cause the liver to send fatty acids along the bloodstream. It will cause it to accumulate on the abdomen, buttocks, hips or thighs until it becomes obese or has excess fat that is unsightly.

2. Bones and teeth unhealthy

Sugar containing sucrose It is considered a good food for the bacteria in the oral cavity. This is a major cause of tooth decay, plaque, or gingivitis, and it can also cause osteoporosis as well.

3. Acidosis

Eating too much sugar Especially simple sugars such as granulated sugar or fructose Such sugar will enter the bloodstream quickly. When the body takes too much, it can lead to acidosis, causing the body to lose its balance and the body’s work system to fail.

4. High blood pressure.

Sugar is a fat sweetener. These substances cause fatty acids to accumulate in vital internal organs such as the heart, liver or kidneys, which impair their function. Because the fat is clogged, causing symptoms of increased blood pressure.

5.It causes stress

Many people might think that eating a lot of sugar can make them feel relieved. And although sugar can help reduce the stress-inducing cortisol. But the results that follow will definitely make you more stressed than ever.

6. More sleepy

Many people enjoy drinking drinks to relieve sleepiness during the day. Know that it will not really help you get off your sleep. Because eating sugar or sweet foods will slow down the brain’s work, not even refreshed in the afternoon as well. It will make you sleepy twice as much.

7. Get Old Fast

Sugar is not just bad for your health. But also affects the skin or beauty as well Because when we eat sugar It will destroy the collagen and elastin structures in the skin. Until the skin cells lose their elasticity The skin is not tightened and firm as before. As a result, the skin is wrinkled quickly.

How to eat sugar properly

1. Dont eating too much sugar

Eating sugar is not wrong at all. But everyone should be eating the right amount of sugar. Because today, whether it is food, drinks, snacks or various foods All of them contain almost all of the sugar, so choose to eat foods that are moderately flavorful. Not too sweet It should also be calculated that each day we can eat no more than 4 teaspoons of sugar per day. It is considered as safe for the body as possible.

2. Choose to eat brown sugar instead of white sugar.

In general, people tend to eat white sugar a lot. But white sugar is treated with a variety of chemical bleaching and may cause nutrients to disappear, while brown sugar is not completely refined, and the red color of the sugar crystals indicates value. The nutrients that still exist It will be beneficial to the health of the body at the same time.

3. Avoid fructose syrup.

This type of sugar is found in most beverages, snacks and foods. Which the body is unable to burn all this type of sugar This causes sugar and fat to accumulate in various parts of the body. Nowadays, many countries have started to focus on and campaign to stop using this type of sugar in food already.

4. Avoid sweet drinks.

For anyone who is addicted to drinking coffee, iced tea, soft drinks, or other sweetened beverages, they should refrain or avoid less. Because these drinks contain a lot of sugar. Which if consumed for a long period of time will definitely have a negative effect on the body.

5. Eat fruits that are not very sweet.

Fruit is another food that contains a lot of sugar. For anyone who loves to eat fruit. Choose less sweet fruits such as apples, guava, bananas, dragon fruits, or berries. This will help the body get vitamins. Minerals in its entirety It also contains dietary fiber, which is considered more beneficial and safer for health.

6. Eat the right amount of flour

Starch not only contains carbohydrates alone. Because when being digested The starch will turn into sugar. Which the body will use as energy for performing various activities But if eating too much starch While doing less daily activities The body cannot use all the sugar to use as energy. The rest of the sugar will inevitably become fat and accumulate in different parts. Of the body finally It is advisable to eat moderately flour or carbohydrate based on brown rice, oats, whole grains, or whole wheat bread instead.

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