5 ways to take care of your hair and scalp during Work From Home

5 ways to take care of your hair and scalp during Work From Home. In a situation that spreads Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many people may have to work at home. Or the so-called Work From Home (WFH).

How can you take care of me?

1. In the practice of getting a line Healthy hair during WFH must consist of maintaining good health, getting enough sleep for about 7-8 hours a day. And should not sleep later than about 5 pm, eat a complete 5 groups, exercise regularly for about 150 minutes a week. If you wash your hair in the evening, you should blow it. Let the cool air dry before going to bed.

2. Always observe the symptoms of hair loss that there is Is the number of hair loss per day normal or not? Usually no more than 100 strands per day, on days you don’t wash your hair. On the day of the hair wash Can lose up to 200 strands per day per day. So in the hair count , all 5 times are counted by collecting the hair in the morning, late afternoon, evening and before bedtime. Try to collected in a plastic bag. Lets do it for about 1 week.  

3. Hair disease can be divided into 2 main groups, which are non-scarring hair loss and non-scarring alopecia. Scarring is more common than other types, such as genetic and hormonal hair loss. patchy hair loss but scarred hair loss is urgent. It should treat promptly with a simple way to notice that the disease in this group is take a look at the scalp area. 

4. During the work from home situation, there may be stress or staying up late. It will be itchy scalp, dandruff, red rash, scaly, hair loss. Initially, treatment may be used shampoos get rid of dandruff. Such as ketoconazole shampoo wash your hair at least once a week 2 times. If it does not improve within 1-2 weeks should consult a doctor for medication. 

5. In some people who are sick of contracting COVID-19 after treatment If symptoms have improved After about 3 months, hair loss can occur Telogen effluvium or as we call it. “Catch the head fever” is that the symptoms of hair loss will begin. It got better and healed on its own for about 3 months after the hair started to fall out.

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