After cutting glasses Do I have to measure my eyes again?

After cutting glasses Do I have to measure my eyes again? People who wear glasses should see an ophthalmologist and eye exam every 2 years to ensure that they are appropriate to the sight glasses. today are those between the ages of 40-60 years may need eye glasses new term. As the cornea begins to deteriorate Make a change in your eyesight and makes the image not clearly visible.

Do I have to measure my eyes again?

In addition, health checks should be performed periodically. To prevent diseases and problems. that may arise or related to the eyes, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, aneurysms and HIV infection. For example, because signs of the disease may appear on the eyes, around the eyes, or occur in the form of vision problems. Before the symptoms of the disease are clearly expressed.

Can glasses block blue light?

Blue light is found in many digital devices used in everyday life. Such as televisions, computers, mobile phones or tablets. Where people who use their gaze for long periods of time may experience eye strain, dry eyes, and less blinking down Or have symptoms of eye strain Blue light can affect the human body’s life clock system. By stimulating them to wake up in the morning. But getting too much of this light at night. May result in difficulty falling asleep.

While there are advanced technologies in the manufacture of different types of eyeglass lense. No research has been done to confirm that. What kind of eyeglasses Can help filter out blue light Only reports that. Those who wore short-wave radiation protection glasses 3 hours before going to bed continuously for 2 weeks had a 58 percent increase in melatonin levels. Which is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland (Pineal Gland) and contributes to sleep. By making them sleep faster and more comfortable.

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