3 life threatening from “Weight Loss Pills”

Normally, all weight loss pills will put various substances. In order for those substances to act on the body, resulting in weight loss. But at the same time, it negatively affects the body as well. There are mainly 3 types of buses that are said.

Nerve stimulant

These substances will stimulate the body to cause various symptoms. For weight loss results. Such as Sibutamine, a substance that is similar to amphetamine tablets also known as methamphetamine. When we eat It will encourage us to feel hungry. At the same time, it is still enough to have the strength to continue working, so when we do not eat. But there are still ongoing activities. The body therefore became thinner. But the substance Sibutamine, when used for a while will cause hallucinations have hallucinations. At the same time, it will increase blood pressure or heart arrhythmias.

Metabolism booster

Most often it is a group of stimulants as mentioned above. and thyroid hormone medication The thyroid is a hormone that helps speed up metabolism in the body. when more metabolism occurs The weight is reduced, but it has consequences for the body, such as causing the heart to beat irregularly. or have seizures UFABET


When eating will urinate more often. Causing to drive out more water in the body than usual when the body loses a lot of water. The weight was reduced rapidly. while the amount of fat remains the same which if we drink water The body will absorb and return to weight, not different from before taking the drug, so if taking too much of this type of drug. It will cause the body to be in a state of dehydration, symptoms, blackouts, or even unconsciousness from weight loss pills

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