Social media the risk of causing “depression”

Today Social media to play an important role in people’s daily lives more and more. Sometimes, smart phones are like the fifth factor of human beings. Because smartphones can make us access to various information easily and quickly. This includes access to media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other instant messaging.

Social addiction problems can lead to depression , stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, and bipolar disorder due to staying focused on smartphones or social media for a long time throughout the day. Less time to relax and becoming too self-absorbed in the online world to the point of being cut off from the people around you. Some patients live in a fictional world rather than the real world. UFABET

You can start checking your symptoms as follows:

  1. stay with social more than intended
  2. Time not using social often feeling restless or irritable
  3. If we try to control our access to social media but can’t control it.
  4. Keep thinking about social media no matter what you are doing.
  5. When stressed, people often use media to relieve stress.
  6. There is a lie or cover up. in order to play social.
  7. Social media causes work problems or relationship problems with close people.

These symptoms are indicators that has begun to affect daily life. Which we ourselves can prevent and solve the problem addiction in the first place. For example, trying to limit the time of using social media to decrease or set a specific time. You can use the alarm before the specified time to help. and try to find other activities to do. To divert attention, such as interesting hobbies exercise meeting friends or relatives traveling. Finding activities to relieve stress

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