Can eyeglasses help to treat abnormal vision better?

Can eyeglasses help to treat abnormal vision better? Wearing glasses only helps people with impaired vision to see more clearly. But cannot help keep the eyesight back to normal as before As for wearing glasses that do not match the eyesight. Even without causing the eyesight to deteriorate But will make the image or object is not clear. In addition, eye management or taking various drugs can not help recover from myopia or long sight. And human eyesight changes as we age, so eye care should be avoided by avoiding risk factors that may cause premature vision problems.

Can eyeglasses help to treat abnormal vision

How to care for your glasses  

  • Always rinse your glasses with water and a lint-free cleaning cloth. To remove dust and stains on glasses and lenses. So that they can see more clearly while wearing
  • Keep the glasses away from moisture. Or take it away in the box if not wearing glasses
  • Avoid activities that may subject you to collision or subject to impact, such as playing sports. Or remove the glasses if having to do such activities To prevent the glasses from being damaged Or scratches on the lens  

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