Work from Home syndrome

Work from Home Syndrome. Until the situation has resolved But many companies still provide Work From Home for their safety. Which working from home that seems to be comfortable It can create more health problems than you think. There are many factors that can make us sick, whether it’s not eating for a while. Long sitting Until the clock of life is distorted. As a result, insomnia or Office Syndrome may also be transformed into Work from Home Syndrome. Orthopedic surgeon Specialist in knee and hip prosthesis surgery From Wimut Hospital Phaholyothin 

Sit back and work comfortably, injuring your body more than you think.

Many people might like working from home because it is comfortable. Can sit anywhere Which on this point Gave interesting information that Sitting at work that is too comfortable can cause us discomfort later.

Work from Home Syndrome

“Currently, 15-50% of patients with bone problems from Work from Home come to consult every day. The most common problem is desk problems. At our office, a table and a chair will be more like a work at home. But when working at home, some people use Japanese desks to spread their computers to work. Or perhaps sitting and working on the dining table with a chair Which sometimes its height is not up to standard Causing him to bend his head a lot Until neck muscles ache Must use the scapula muscles to support the upper arm, thus causing pain in the scapula as well. Chasing down is back pain. Because if the table is too low, we have to sit hunched all the time. Aside from the table Will be a sitting position Because working at home is comfortable We may not be sitting in the right way. Some of them sit cross-legged. Which will cause back pain The knee or the patella follow. “

Massage can help. But behavioral and environmental adjustments are more sustainable

“Some people think that when they are aching, they go to traditional Thai massage. Because it is thought that it will help loosen strands or reduce pain and fatigue, in fact, Thai massage can help the body to relax more. But the doctor wants to see it as a solution to the problem at the end of the cause If we do not really fix the root cause In a few days it will come back as new. But fixing at the root cause will be a long-term solution. We don’t have to waste money to get massages too often. “

Work from Home syndrome environment must be appropriate.

No matter where you work Workers need to spend hours in front of their computers anyway. Suggest that a good work environment can be considered as a long-term solution.

 “First, avoid working in bed and working on the floor. Either placing the computer on a ufabet pillow and sitting cross-legged for work or sitting at a Japanese table Doctors recommend purchasing a suitable table or choosing a table that is not too short. The chair must be height adjustable so that your neck won’t hurt. There is a backrest so you won’t have back pain. Have armrests so you don’t have to move as much. The screen must be at eye level so that you don’t get pain in your neck. Be sure to keep at least 50 cm distance from your eyes to the screen. The keyboard can’t be too low or too high. That is, the elbow has to be folded about 30 degrees, not too tight. The wrist must not be bent, not tipped too much as a burden to the body. “

Work for a break for a time to solve all problems of work from Home Syndrome.

What a lot of people are when Work from Home is working until they forget the time. Not eating on time or sleeping too late Including sitting for a long time to work Will not get up anywhere. It helps to clearly divide the rest time. It also suggests some simple tricks. To stretch the muscles during rest as follows: 

“During the work seats, set a time to take breaks every 45 minutes. Begin by stretching the nape. Use both hands alternately to pull the head to the side. Hold for 15 seconds on each side, then stretch the scapula. Use the left arm to pull the right arm across the body, hold it to the left for 15 seconds, then switch to the right arm to collect the left arm. Like this is fine as well. “

Doing everything is still not better. Don’t wait for the call before seeing the doctor.

Finally, if you try to organize the environment I tried to stretch myself and it still didn’t get any better. Suggest that you try to rest and stop working first. If it doesn’t improve, don’t hesitate to seek medical help right away.

“Notice if we start aching neck more or not. More scapula pain And back muscles Including more knees? Doctors recommend trying to look first, but if 3 days and then a week does not improve, you can consult a doctor Which during the waiting period to solve the problem at the root cause But if there are symptoms suddenly Initial treatment will be medication. First injection and physical rehabilitation Including advice for patients to take home and follow “

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