What should you know before consuming protein for lose weight?

What should you know before consuming protein for lose weight? Eating protein to help you lose weight … Ever wondered why people who like to exercise Or like going to the gym, having to eat protein or whey protein regularly Until many people understand that protein is a symbol of weight loss, especially girls who do not have time to exercise. Many people decide to eat protein in the hopes of losing weight and getting in better shape. 

But do you know! Eating protein is not the correct way, except it does not cause weight loss. It may produce results in the opposite direction as well. Therefore, for best results and maximum benefits for the body, Let’s get to know protein well before eating to lose weight.

protein for lose weight

1.What is Protein

Protein is one of the five nutrient groups your body needs each day. And need in large quantities as well as carbohydrates and fats They are the basic building blocks of the body such as muscles, hormones, enzymes, blood, bone, skin and hair. Is responsible for building strength Help in growth Repair the wear and strengthen the body’s immune system. The easiest way to get protein into your body is by eating meat, milk, eggs and legumes. 1 gram of protein provides 4 kcal of energy.

2. How can protein for lose weight?

Protein is a component of muscle. And muscles are part of energy metabolism. If it is easy to speak Is that protein is a catalyst for metabolism If the body lacks protein, it can lead to weight gain because of the reduced muscle composition. Energy metabolism is reduced as well. In addition, inadequate protein intake can also cause the body to deteriorate, deteriorate health, wither skin and age quickly because there is no protein to help repair damaged areas. Protein plays a very important role in helping to lose weight. 

So we can see that people who like to exercise or go to the gym on a regular basis need more protein. To maintain muscle mass lost along with fat while exercising And maintain the metabolic system at a balanced level Which keeping the body metabolism constant or balanced, this is another weight loss secret. That will help prevent the effect of the Yo-Yo following.

3. Each person wants not the same.  

Usually, the protein intake ratio must be one-fourth of the food we eat at each meal. But not only eat 1 part 4 of each meal An individual’s body weight can also indicate how much protein should be eaten each day. In general, your doctor will recommend that you eat 1.0 grams of protein per kilogram of weight. For example, if you weigh 50 kilograms, you need at least 50 grams of protein. Or having exercise to lose weight Add a couple of times more protein to allow protein to replace the lost muscle. It will help to lose weight effectively along with good health. Does not make the body look worn as well.

4. A little hungry and full for a long time.

According to a 2005 study by Weigle et al., Experiments were conducted in which subjects were fed with increased protein intake. And eat the same flour and calories. It was found that the participants experienced a decrease in hunger or appetite during the day. In addition, there are other studies that have shown participants to consume more protein than carbohydrates and fat. 

Which from various research data. It was found that the feeling of hunger or decreased appetite was due to the protein stimulating the leptin hormone. Also the hormone of satiety, which was released to increase. Thus making you feel full faster and fuller longer Moreover, protein can also reduce the amount of gherlin hormone or the hunger hormone. This is another weight loss secret that gives good and effective results.

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