The Manchester United buys golf course to build new training center.

The Manchester United club in the Ineos Sports era drives every dimension both on and off the field. Most recently, there was a project to acquire a golf course business. Somewhere to be your own To develop into a new practice headquarters. That intends to develop it into the best football training center in the world.

Reports from the ‘Sport Mail’ say that United currently use the Carrington training center that has been in operation since 2012. 1999 Rehearsal for the senior team. Women’s and youth teams. Resulting in the venue being quite crowded, various utilities deteriorating over time. Until there were loud complaints from users  ทางเข้า UFABET 

which came from a visit to the ‘Red Devils’ headquarters of Sir Jim Ratcliffe. President of ‘Ineos Sports’ and full authority to manage the organization. Because he holds 25% of the club’s shares, two weeks ago. Before I saw the problems that arose following the complaints. Therefore, a plan was devised to improve the training center in several ways. 

One of them is to build a new one. 

Targeted location south of Manchester in a location with many golf courses. The club hopes to purchase a business in order to take the land and develop it into a great. Modern football training center with the most complete infrastructure in the world in the future. 

The name High Leigh Park Golf Club has been sought after by the Red Devils because of its prime location, more than 100 acres, and proximity to the homes of several United players. Negotiations for the sale are yet to be finalized. 

Of course, this approach requires a huge budget, approval from the board, city council, and an environmental quality management plan with local residents. and it will take a year to complete. Therefore it is considered quite a challenge. 

Another way that United can do this in the short term is to budget for infrastructure development at the former Carrington training center for the time being. It’s just that it will never be as good as Manchester City ‘s Etihad Campus or Tottenham Hotspur ‘s Enfield training center.

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