Medicinal herbs by taste with healing properties

Medicinal hurbs properties  is rubbed according to its taste. In which each flavor Can also indicate a therapeutic benefit divide into 9 flavors: astringent, sweet, drunken, bitter, spicy, oily, fragrant, salty and sour.

Medicinal hurbs each flavor can describe in the following ways:

Medicinal herbs
  • The astringent taste can be used to heal wounds. As an aid in wound healing better
  • Sweet taste can be used to nourish the body. Increase vitality Giving a feeling of rejuvenation
  • Bored drunk taste Can help in the excretion of waste From the body Help to neutralize toxins As well
  • Bitter flavors can aid appetite. It stimulates the salivary glands. Helps cure thirst and also nourishes the blood as well.
  • Spicy taste Can help to nourish the elements, expel the wind well, help maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Its flavor can help with pain relief, knee pain, joint pain, and tendon maintenance.
  • Cool aroma Able to cure fatigue, fix heat, cure thirst and nourish the heart as well.
  • The salty taste can help with the skin and hives as well.
  • Sour taste Can help maintain the work of the blood. It also relieves coughing and expectoration.

Seasonal storage

There are 3 seasons in Thailand per year: hot summer, rainy season and winter, which can be stored in each season as follows.

  • In summer, you can collect roots and heartwood because the hot summer comes and the symptoms are dry. Therefore suitable for collecting the most
  • The rainy season will be able to collect herbs such as leaves, flowers, and fruit as it is the time when the trees are moist.
  • During the winter months, bark, sapwood, and cracked wood can be removed from the trunk because the tree or plant produces a lot of bark. To want to cover myself from the cold.

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