10 natural ways to anti-aging

10 natural ways to anti-aging. Premature aging problems or deterioration of the skin It is inevitable as we get older. But still, there are ways to make the girls Able to slow down the aging process to make the skin look younger, even with age.

With the tips that we come together today. Which is considered a good help to make up 30 years old girls have a healthy radiant skin. Always be brighter and younger Let’s take a look at what methods are available.

1. Avoid sugar

Sugar is the main enemy of collagen and elastin production in the skin. If you eat foods that contain sugar on a regular basis. It will cause collagen and elastin to start to shrink. Causing the skin to lose flexibility Not as radiant and watery as usual.

Therefore, abstain from sugar or avoid eating sweets such as candy, cakes, ice cream or any type of food containing sugar. Including the type of tea with milk, coffee with milk, it will help you girls. Have healthy skin Firm and shine bright

2. Do not consume trans fats.

Trans fats in many foods are processed, making them harder to digest than other fats. When the body is exposed to large amounts, it can cause toxic residues and stimulate free radical formation within the body.

Which causes premature aging of the skin Looks not firm Bright as ever So who knows. he is consuming trans-fat foods, such as coffee creamer, cakes or bakery items? Should not eat, it is good for the health of the skin the most.

3. Drink lots of water.

Drinking a lot of water Each day helps the skin to be more hydrated. This is the starting factor to make your skin look younger. And without wrinkles, effectively distracting, so girls who want to have good skin health Can naturally slow down aging

Should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or more. Will help strengthen the skin’s resilience to look healthier without difficulty

4. Not stressed

Stress is a major barrier to premature aging on the skin surface. The more stress you are The more wrinkles and crow’s feet will visit you, so to always keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Should reduce the tension and turn to activities. That help strengthen relaxation, such as exercise, playing yoga, walking outside the house, watching movies, listening to music Or take a warm bath before bed It will help reduce the tension as well.

5.Choose to eat flour that has no color.

When I get older The body needs to get more nutrients. To repair the worn part Therefore, choosing foods that are wholesome is essential.

The recommended food is Unrefined flours such as brown rice, riceberry rice, whole wheat bread, these are flours with a complex structure. Causing the body to absorb sugar slowly It is also good for your skin’s health during the past 30 years.

6. Choose to eat vegetables – fruits that do not taste sweet.

Although fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the body. But eating fruits and vegetables that taste sweet and have sugar as an ingredient. It may not be very good for the health of 30+ people because it may adversely affect the health of the skin. Therefore, choose to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat fruits and vegetables that are too sweet.

7.Exercise with weight training is best way to anti-aging

Exercise is a must for women ages 30+ to stay fit. Far from disease that may come to visit By exercising that is appropriate for this age. Weight training Or focusing mainly on weight lifting

Because it is a good way to burn excess fat from the body. Makes the skin healthy, firm, firm Radiant skin And have more soft water

8. Get enough sleep can anti-aging.

Indispensable for taking care of your own body during the aging process. Is to get enough sleep Because if the more sleep deprived regularly It will make your skin health worse as well.

By during which you sleep Skin in different parts Will cause proper repair of the wear and tear, so if you frequently sleepless It will make the skin not healed itself as it should. Therefore making it easy to have wrinkles or wrinkles

9. Choose foods with good fats.

Good fats are very healthy fats. Especially in matters of skin health You can choose to eat good fats from avocado, fish, olive oil, etc. If eaten regularly, it will help your skin healthier, radiant, resilient, stronger.

10. Eat more protein.

Another essential nutrient for the body to slow down is protein, which is found in meat, eggs, milk, nuts and grains. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps reduce the rate of skin aging. And repair the skin in the wear and tear to return to be healthier

In addition to the anti-aging methods that we recommend initially, women should apply a nourishing cream that has anti-aging properties. And reduce the appearance of aging wrinkles as well You should choose a cream that is suitable for women aged 30, at the same time, you should apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

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