Manuka honey, the best natural product

What is Manuka honey and where to find it?

Manuka honey is a honey that is different from common wild honey. This is because bees pollinate the manuka tree, which is found in southeastern Australia. And New Zealand, a region with a unique climate.

This gives manuka honey a number of unique characteristics that cannot find in conventional honey. Whether it is a flavor that has a strong aroma. And the softness of the tongue, suitable for mixing with beverages to enhance the taste.

As well as the medicinal properties that make this type of honey a traditional herbal medicine that has long been used to treat ailments, Manuka honey has been sought after by both the pharmaceutical and beauty industries. Due to the unique features as follows.

1. Manuka honey rich in antioxidants

It is known that antioxidants  is beneficial to the body to help restore inflammation as well as help strengthen the body’s immune system. To be able to fight effectively with various pathogens and bacteria.

It also helps reduce the risk of serious diseases such as cancer and high blood pressure as well.

2. It is a natural skin care agent.

Because honey Manuka contains many nutrients that are beneficial for the skin. Such as antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, which add moisture to the skin.

Helps stimulate the skin to turn the cells more quickly. As well as help repair and restore the damaged skin to be soft and smooth And clear as well.

3. Medicines with properties

Local people have been using for a long time to heal ailments. Because this type of honey is rich in nutrients that the body needs to fight a wide variety of ailments.

Such as antioxidants, vitamins, hydrogen peroxide used in many disinfectants. Thus, Manuka honey can use to clean wounds. It can restore infection and inflammation of fresh wounds as well.

In addition, minerals found in this honey extract for medicinal purposes that help balance the body and the skin as well.

4. It has special sterilizing properties.

Besides its ability to heal disease and heal wounds. Manuka honey is also known for its outstanding antiseptic and bacterial properties.

Since the inside contains methyl glyoxal. An antibacterial substance found in this type of honey is higher than other honey for this reason.

In medical practice, a drug extracted from manuka honey is for treat skin infections caused by fungal or bacterial infections such as psoriasis or ringworm. Which was found to be able to help alleviate the symptoms quite effectively.

5. Manuka honey Helps to sleep better.

Not just medicinal properties. Therefore, this type of honey commonly add to beverages such as tea, coffee and milk, which increases the melatonin levels in the body.

Causing a feeling of relaxation Helps to sleep more easily. Especially if you add it to hot milk to drink before bed. It know as that you will certainly enter into sleep soon after your head reaches the pillow.

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