Do you eat fat vermicelli?

       Is it true that eating vermicelli is not fat? Or some people are confused whether vermicelli is starch or protein? Today, let’s find the answer to clear it better for your health.    

 It is also made from green beans. So many people hope to eat to lose weight. But vermicelli doesn’t make you fat right? Can it help you lose weight? More importantly from mung bean is either starch or protein. Scroll a bit and you’ll find the answers to all these questions.

Do you eat fat vermicelli?

          For this issue, Asst. Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University Explain in the program for sure before sharing that the process of making is to soak mung beans in water. then bring the mill and extracting proteins and fats because it may affect the quality.

          Therefore, commercially available has almost no protein or fat content. For example, if you look at the product label in the nutritional information section, you’ll see that the protein and fat content is 0g, as opposed to the carbohydrate content of around 30-40g. Clearly, clear vermicelli is a good starch.

How much energy?         

100 grams of vermicelli that has been soaked in water gives about 172 kcal of energy. But if calculated from 100 g of dry. It will give 330 kcal of energy. light If dry vermicelli is weighed to reach 100 grams. It will yield more than 100 grams of puffed noodles. Calories are increased in proportion to more carbohydrates with it. Does vermicelli make you fat?
Can it really help you lose weight?

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