How good is the annual health check ?

How good is the annual health check ? When the body is healthy and complete without any sickness. These things cause many people to be so calm that they forget that.

Illness is very close. Despite how well you can control your diet, exercise, and take care of your health. However one should not neglect the medical examination. Because it is a complete examination of the body finding internal abnormalities before the outbreak for timely treatment.

That makes the treatment trend more likely to be successful. Reduce the incidence of complications and most importantly. It also helps to reduce losses as well.

Who should get a health check

People over 20 years old should have basic screening. Males should be screen for prostate cancer more. The same is true for women who should be test for breast cancer risk. cervical cancer and ovarian cancer

People with a family history of various diseases because some diseases can be inherited, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, gout, cancer, etc.

In high-risk groups, such as those who are regularly expose to chemicals. People who work in toxic environments, etc.

health check What should I check?

For the annual health check-up program. The general public will have a pulse check body mass index measure blood pressure check the completeness of blood cells, blood sugar, blood lipid levels to see the tendency of heart disease. It also checks for high blood pressure. Because it affects the future paralysis, liver tests, kidney values, and uric acid levels to check for the chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis by these basic examinations. The results will use by the health examination center for analysis. To look for abnormalities and if detect the risk of disease in the future will give advice as a guideline for further action.

For the frequency of the examination Should be examined at least once a year, for those at risk, may be retested every 3 months or 6 months for regular follow-up.

Benefits of health check

If there is a risk or tendency to develop disease in the future, it will be possible to change various lifestyle behaviors in a timely manner.

The spread of the disease, making the treatment more likely to be successful.

The incidence of complications that may cause other diseases to follow.

Reduce loss due to early treatment

If no abnormality is found Patients can live their lives without worry.

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