Health care for young children during summer.

Health care for young children during summer. In children, the body’s adaptation is not as perfect as adults, so children are more prone to getting sick, especially in the hot summer months. Which parents must give care and take care of their children in 4 important matters together, that is.

Health care for young children during summer.
  • Clothing matters  It should be a cotton type that absorbs sweat and drains well. The child’s clothing must be loose, not too tight, as this will make the child uncomfortable. And should be careful about the dampness of the urine Because it can cause the skin to develop a rash
  • Food  in the summer, the digestive system will work less. (As mentioned in point 5) The child’s body is still weak. And infections easily, so food must be cooked and clean. Ice, soft drinks, ice cream that is a favorite of all children, while the cold will cause the digestive system. Abnormal food absorption Therefore should not be given to children often
  • Residential  , bedroom cooling is very important for children. If there is no air conditioner The use of the fan must be careful. Be careful not to let the fan touch the child directly, do not let the child sleep in damp, cement or cool areas. In the event that the child is sweating a lot Have to turn over the child often. To cool off and use a small piece of cloth to cover the chest and stomach area to prevent from impacting the cold.
  • When traveling  in the sun, there are infrared and ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the body. Especially during school holidays Parents should make your child wear a hat. Wear long sleeves and pants to help protect the sun.

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