Food in summer

Food in summer. In the summer, the digestive system works less often. I rarely feel hungry. Practices for eating right in the summer can be summarized as follows:

Porridge for breakfast, when you wake up,

Your  stomach will be empty due to the depleted stomach Should start your breakfast with a soft meal. Because in the summer The body is stimulated by heat both night and day. Dehydrate The work of the digestive system and absorption of food is reduced. Therefore need to preserve the work of the stomach Which is an important stage to digest nutrients for use in the body Boiled rice may be mixed with green beans, lotus seeds or lotus root, which are easy to digest and help drive heat. Strengthen the function of the stomach and spleen.

Food in summer

Should eat the fruit that traditional Chinese medicine considered to have properties to cool, drive heat, add water to the body 

Fruits with cooling properties such as cucumber, melon, melon, mangosteen, pineapple, pear, etc. are suitable for eating to relieve thirst and drive heat in the body. But should not be refrigerated or eat at night or while on an empty stomach or when hungry

Avoid foods considered by Chinese medicine theory to have hot properties, fried foods, greasy and dry

  Should avoid fried foods such as fried beans, fried bananas, Patongo, fried chicken, etc., or foods with hot properties such as custard apple, durian, lychee , Longan, jackfruit, etc., especially while having a dry throat, itchy throat, sore throat, or a fever. If you are going to eat, you should eat only a little. And drink salt water (Water mixed with salt) to quench the heat or eat food that has a cool feature Help balance. Another thing to be aware of is that in summer the food will spoil easily. Because germs thrive in hot and humid weather Therefore, you should be careful about eating. Should eat freshly cooked food. Will be safer

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