Sleeping in summer

Should not sleep to the wind or cold leach.

Sleeping in summer with the heat from the sun’s rays causes sweat to lose energy when sleeping, and the air while sweating. Will cause the body’s skin temperature to drop. If the outside temperature is still high And sweat cannot drain. There will be heat build up inside Make dizzy Feeling heavy, not fresh, or it can cause a cold. Fan or air conditioning should not cause long-lasting direct impact on your body. 

Especially in the stomach area, if exposed to the wind for a long time can cause bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or people with depleted energy. When being exposed to the wind for a long time Will cause cold Especially in the face It makes the blood flow less. People in air-conditioned room When leaving the room, be careful to adapt to the hot weather outside. Children who go to the shopping malls must be careful. Because of the rapid change in climate, it is easy to get sick.

By the nature of the summer the day is long and the night is short. (People who do not sleep in the air-conditioned room) than the air is cool to sleep. It is often late and in the morning the sky quickly brightened. Causing you to wake up earlier than usual In summer we can sleep less than usual. At the same time, the temperature during the day will cause sweat, loss of energy and fatigue (because there is more blood circulating to the skin than normal. 

In this condition Many people in an air-conditioned room may not feel much of the change in air. But for common people (Especially rural people or people who work in the outdoors), getting some rest and sleep during the day. It will benefit your health quite a bit. People who work in the workplace may not sleep well during the day. May use the method of sitting upright on the back, eyes closed, calmly, during the day. Is a good rest But for those who have a place to sleep during the day. The sleeping position should be lying down or lying on your side. Do not lie on your stomach or lie down on your desk. Because it will press the stomach, press the chest, impact breathing Causing the muscles to not loosen, therefore not fully relaxed

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