Behaviors that shouldn’t be done immediately after “eating”

Behaviors that shouldn’t be done immediately after eating.Have you ever heard that after eating, you shouldn’t do this? Some things can be done alright, but there are actually many. Likewise, it should not be done after eating a new full meal. Because it may adversely affect the body that we never knew existed

Shouldn't be done immediately after eating

Behaviors that shouldn’t be done immediately after eating

  1. Lie down, lie down, lie back until you almost lie down on the sofa / chair. Or just lying in bed Sleeping immediately after eating It may increase the risk of GERD. It’s best to sit still for 30 minutes to an hour before leaning back. And should not eat anything before going to bed 3-4 hours as well.
  2. Exercise should not exercise as soon as you finish eating new foods. Because it may be at risk of causing symptoms of “heartburn” during exercise. But if you really want to exercise Should exercise lightly Like walking slowly and comfortably as if walking By moving the muscles gently This will help improve blood sugar levels as well.
  3. Brush your teeth , especially eating foods that are sour, such as orange salad, lemon juice, etc., because sour foods often contain acidic ingredients. That can destroy the enamel layer Therefore, you should refrain from using a tooth brush to scrub your teeth, enamel, during exposure to acids from lemons, oranges and other sour food for 15-30 minutes before brushing your teeth. To reduce the risk of tooth erosion And after eating acidic foods, drink or rinse with water to wash away the acid on the tooth enamel.
Shouldn't be done immediately after eating

Do not “take a bath” after eating, is it true?

Asst. Prof. Lt. Tayakitiyakon, Department of Internal Medicine Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Ramathibodi Hospital explains that the belief of this story comes from people who say that Taking a hot bath right after eating Blood may be fed to the skin. Rather than going down to help the digestive system in the stomach. Or intestines to work at full capacity Therefore, there may be indigestion problems. Bloating, however, can cause indigestion, although hot baths can increase blood supply to the skin. But not so much that it causes digestive problems.

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