5 benefits of sleeping early, good facts that are more than rest

5 benefits of sleeping early, good facts that are more than rest. Especially for diseases involving the brain, heart, blood vessels, endocrine and immune system. But that knowledge might not be enough to allow many people to modify their behavior in order to avoid a lack of sleep.

If so I try to look at the benefits of a good sleep. Because people who go to bed before midnight or from 22.00 will result in many health and good quality of life as follows.

1. Helps the brain to generate the chemistry of happiness effectively.

In particular, hormones that are secreted during sleep are the hormone melatonin, which helps to sleep. Serotonin hormone that helps you feel calm. Relax sad mood And growth hormones or young chemistry. This will help make it look more youthful. Not only Because getting enough sleep will also help the various systems within the body work more efficiently. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed. And has the power to live life to the full.

2. It helps to strengthen good memories.

Because going to bed before midnight Will allow the brain to organize various stories into memory By removing the useless story. This will increase the brain area for more readiness to receive new memories. A good night’s sleep is also another way to boost brain power. And makes the brain work more efficiently as well

3. Helps the body to repair the wear and tear.

Including helping to normalize blood pressure Because sleep loosens the muscles of the muscles, the heart calms the heart, causing the blood pressure to not fluctuate like when we are awake. The ufabet toxins include the liver, kidneys and intestines to function more efficiently as well. The body of a person who sleeps enough rest looks energetic. Has a fresh and clear face It also has a normal digestive system. Not easily constipated

4. Helps reduce the risk of obesity.

Because sleeping early will help make you less hungry in the middle of the night Including helping to make the metabolism work better It helps to control body weight and sleep is important to help the body have a good immune system. It helps to prevent various diseases, especially recurrence of underlying disease such as heart disease, stroke. Disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, stress, depression and cancer etc.

5. Helps to slow down aging

Because while sleeping, besides the body releases chemistry that makes it look younger When the body is in motion, it will not cause wear and tear. Which is the cause of various deterioration, the main thing is to sleep well Also gives the body and brain a rest Therefore always having good memory, concentration and optimism This will make it loved by those around you. A happy person And not easy to get old

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