17 ways to build quality sleeping habits

17 ways to build quality sleeping habits. Many people suffer from insufficient sleep, insufficient sleep, or difficulty sleeping. Head to the pillow and unable to sleep soundly. Today we provide you with an easy solution with 17 ways to build quality sleep habits. Let’s see that Is there a secret to sleep? Put your head to the pillow and you can sleep soundly.

1. Take a warm shower before bed. Will help balance the body temperature Causing relaxation and resulting in easier sleep.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol before bed. It will make you sleep inadequate, awake, and your heart beats too fast. And have nightmares.

3. Should adjust the temperature in the room to be cool properly. The temperature that will help you sleep best is between 15-22 degrees Celsius.

4 Do not sleep more than 20 minutes in the day, because too much daytime sleep will make it difficult for the night to fall asleep. And sleep more late

5. Set a time to go to bed and wake up at a time. It will help train the body’s habits to have more proper sleep discipline.

6. Do not drink ufabet coffee after noon. This is because the amount of caffeine that the body gets in the aftermath will make your eyes so bright that they cannot sleep at their normal time.

7. Do not set the TV in the bedroom. Because it may make watching TV enjoy until late until normal sleep time And resulted in the lack of sleep time.

8. Turn off the TV at least 1 hour before bedtime to allow the body to get used to sleeping at the right time.

9. Do not adjust the lights in the room too bright. Because the amount of light that is too bright can make your eyes bright.

10. Do not use the bed for any activity other than sleep. To get the body into a habit that whenever you lay down in bed That means it’s time for you to go to bed and then.

11. Avoid placing children or bringing pets in the bed. So as not to disturb the duration of your sleep

12. Dim the lights in the room an hour before bedtime to create an ambience for the body to prepare for bed.

13. Try to read a book if you can’t sleep. Because reading concentration helps the brain to need more rest after that.

14.Exercise regularly It will help you sleep better. But should not exercise before going to bed is strictly prohibited It may even stimulate the body to be awake and unable to sleep.

15.Eat foods high in tryptophan, legumes, meat, bananas, fish, or warm milk. 1 hour before bedtime will help you sleep better.

16. Stop eating heavy meals before bedtime. Because eating until full and then go to bed immediately Will result in the body’s digestive system to work harder Colic, distension Which may lead to acid reflux that can lead to insomnia.

17. Have sex before going to bed. This will help you relax. Reduce tension And energy wasted from having sex Also makes sleep better.

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