3 tips to practice thinking positively, making it easy to do.

3 tips to practice thinking positively, it is easy to do.

“Happiness starts with you”

“You can create happiness yourself.”

“Just change your mind, life will be happy”

Motivating sentences from the top line, then read as easy to do Just changing your mind can create happiness. But this is not easy for everyone. In this article, I bring up 3 tips to get you started to practice positive thinking more easily. Along with revealing the benefits received after being a positive person What are the tips? What are the benefits? Just scroll to read on.

Start thinking positively by talking to yourself.

Talking to yourself is the basis of a mindset. It helps to know who you are and to recognize the basics of thinking as positive or negative.

For anyone who wants to start talking to themselves If still do not know what to talk about You can observe And try to ask yourself if you have an opinion on your surroundings Or how the situation happened

If anyone still can’t figure it out Let’s test some ideas from this scenario first.

“Today in a good mood, I left the house to make merit at the temple. But returned home, the purse was lost. “

This is a self-talk quiz. Ask yourself which question to choose?

1. Not likely to leave the house to worship at all If you don’t leave the house, your wallet won’t get lost.

2. Good luck, I just lost my wallet. It could be more dangerous That the wallet was lost, considered to have thrashed

It may be difficult for many people as well. To be able to overcome the anger of losing the wallet But if you have calmed down The mind will not be overwhelmed with suffering. Which talking to yourself in a positive way This increases your optimistic view of the world. To reduce the anger that is in the mind And you will not be suffering from them. Mental health is also good.

The reason why talking to yourself can help solve the situation for the better Comes from the subconscious adjustment mechanism Help change beliefs And change your mind When you start conversing with yourself You will know who you are more clearly that really And are you a positive person or a negative person? If anyone wants to try to change your mind Try talking to yourself Is another good choice as well.

2.  Self-Affirmation

As for those who try to talk to themselves and find that Immediately becoming a positive person can be difficult, methods like Self-Affirmation. Is another help that makes it easier to think positively And help make it through bad stories Possible from a strong mental state Including helping to control the rhythm of life more easily as well

Self-Affirmation is the process of adjusting a set of positive thoughts. This can begin with a simple self-review, such as writing your own worth. Write success And what is proud of it on paper Which after doing Self-Affirmation Will make you know how much of your own self is worth And this is where the positive thinking starts to reduce suffering and replace it with happiness in life!

thinking positively

3.Tips for dealing with a cruel day

When you know how to start thinking positively It’s time to bring that idea to use For situations where positive thinking works best: “Cruel Day” on a day that feels bad Positive thinking Will always be able to help get through

‘Every problem has a solution’

On the day when the problem threw in Some people choose to give up. Most people tend to think that The problem arose because of whom And what effect But completely forgetting to remember the cause of those problems

But do not forget that every problem has a solution. You just have to be conscious. Change the way you think And know how to turn around Try not to pick a side, don’t blame anyone, look at the source of the story. This will help you to see the problem more clearly and then the solution will appear after you understand the whole story.

Turn obstacles into good. ‘

Because people’s lives have a different story each day. There may be days when we encounter obstacles. Both work and life are both frustrating and frustrating. And if the bigger the problem, the more stress will multiply.

But you can get through it by being positive. By looking at obstacles Turn hardships into opportunities for personal development. In addition to helping reduce frustration with the problem. Still getting good things Added to life as well

Or on some days the obstacles you encounter may not be so serious Like having to face traffic jam problems You can easily turn these frustrations into benefits. By thinking positively, such as traffic jams, you have more time to listen to your favorite songs, more time to prepare before work, etc.

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