Facts of collagen

Facts of collagen is collagen has properties to build strength and increase flexibility under the skin. Plus add moisture to the skin cells The collagen acts well in the water in the area under the skin. As a result, the skin looks healthy, firm, and not wrinkled. There are many collagen-related products on sale. Either in the form of a mod or a soluble powder. By claiming properties to nourish the skin Look bright and clear Healthy from the inside out, or sometimes the pain relieving properties of osteoarthritis

Collagen is created from the body’s immune system. 

When you are young, your body will always generate enough collagen. The age when the collagen is fully activated at the age of about 20 years is the age with the most abundant and complete collagen in the skin. But as you get older, the production of collagen and elastin will decrease. Which people with sufficient collagen results in a radiant skin, including healthy joint and bone, bright eye lens, strong vascular function On the other hand When there is insufficient collagen in the skin. Your skin will look wrinkled. Poor functioning of blood vessels.

There are many types of collagen. But for skin Doctors talk about collagen type 2 (Collagen Type 2), which is the most related to the skin structure. If we have enough collagen in the body But without movement (Expression) collagen will not work fully. We have to exercise as well. To achieve flexibility To achieve continuous collagen production And is a strong dollar

The factors that cause the body to produce sufficient collagen. 

Is to get complete nutrition And nutrients that are important to build collagen are proteins and vitamins. The worst enemy that destroys collagen is sugar and sweetness. By creating a reaction that causes collagen to clump Form a lump under the skin called collagen deterioration.

For the beauty skin circle It is popular to introduce protein extracted from marine fish to get good collagen in the market. But readers can choose to eat foods that contain natural protein. To add collagen to the body as well, such as egg whites, nuts, sea fish, mackerel, small fish that can be eaten whole And add vitamin E, clover, grains and almonds Which has properties to inhibit the loss of collagen caused by free radicals.

The bad effect when the body lacks collagen.

Facts of collagen
  • Wrinkled, dull skin does not shine bright.
  • Poorly moved bones, joint pain, and osteoporosis easily.
  • The eyes are not bright, the lens of the eye is degenerated into cataracts.
  • The vascular wall is not strong and easily broken, if there is a wound, it will heal slowly. Green body easily bruises
  • Have a chance of thromboembolism such as coronary artery Cerebrovascular disease

Reduce risk factors destroys collagen

  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar. To reduce the occurrence of the glycation process, including grilled food. Processed food, processed food that increase free radicals in the body Causing damage to the collagen and function in the body
  • Eat enough vitamin C to help stimulate collagen production. It is found from various citrus fruits and eat enough quality protein to meet the needs of the body, such as egg whites, nuts.
  • Reduce the exposure of harmful free radicals by avoiding environmental pollution such as dust, chemical smoke, pesticides, car smoke.
  • Stop smoking because of the nicotine and many other harmful substances in cigarettes. Resulting in reduced collagen and elastin Causes the narrowing of the blood vessels to narrow the epidermis. Causing the skin to lose water and cause deep traces
  • Protect the skin from sunlight. UV rays in the sun reduce the amount of collagen in the skin. By causing faster decay Therefore, should always choose to use sunscreen or cosmetics with SPF to protect against sunlight. Resulting in hormones in the body in balance (Work- LifeBalance)
  • Get enough sleep according to the clock. For growth hormone to function fully To help repair skin at night

Finally, the doctor leaves the reader. When eating protein and eating complete nutrients We should also refrain from the behavior that destroys collagen from the skin. So that the collagen remains as possible And also need to increase the function of collagen So that flexibility takes place. For example, exercising the facial muscles. Makes the skin spring evenly. As of now, we will always have bright.

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