Apple cider is nateral anti dandruff

Do you know apple cider is nateral anti dandruff? we pamper people who are suffering from scalp flaking and dandruff by introducing the dandruff remover formula with apple cider juice that we have in the kitchen at home. In addition to eating healthy Apple cider also has properties to help with skin diseases.

What causes dandruff?

The scalp is composed of normal skin cells, which are renewed every 28 days, just like the skin on the entire body. The old cells that are dead are rotated. But if the skin is dry and used daily in a cool air-conditioned room with low humidity. This is especially true when the scalp is regularly exposed to harsh chemicals such as hair curlers, leach liquid, strong shampoos, hair sprays, and other products on the hair and scalp. The scalp is heavily affected, it dries and causes the skin to accelerate at a faster rate. Dead cells that are rotated will accumulate in thick clumps. Notice it when combing or scratching. Will come off a white flake, which is commonly called “dandruff” itself.

Apple cider is nateral anti dandruff

Apple Cider nateral anti dandruff Recipe

Apple cider can reduce dandruff because it has properties that help heal skin diseases.

: 1 cup apple cider juice and 1 cup
clean water.

Method 1
– Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
– Mix apple cider water with water. Poured on wet hair Then dry your hair without rinsing.

Method 2
– Heat the apple cider juice to a warm temperature right on your scalp
– pour the apple cider juice over your head. Then massage to penetrate into the scalp.
– Use a small towel to wrap the head and leave it for about an hour, then wash your hair thoroughly and wipe dry.

How to choose a shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo for your scalp Can help in reducing dandruff problems First, choose a shampoo suitable for our scalp condition, for example, if we are a person with dry scalp We should choose a shampoo for dry scalp. Because the shampoo for the scalp may remove too much of our natural fat. But if we are a person with oily scalp But use a shampoo for dry scalp. Because if too little fat is removed, these fats will be food for the fungus. In addition, the shampoo has the effect of eliminating mold. And tar shampoo will help reduce symptoms and treat dandruff as well.

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